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PUPPY CLASSES are now running on a  Thursday at 1pm and 6pm. 

As we are operating as normal now, you can just turn up to any of these sessions to join in.


Please read COVID 19 notice on our

Home Page. 




Jacquie has been on Facebook with her own puppy, the beautiful Ebba, to help you with the basics. 

To access the page type in:

Northumberland Canine Centre - puppy training

and ask to join.

We take puppies from as early as 10 weeks old, as long as they have had their first innoculation and up to around 24 weeks.

Our classes cover all the important exercises such as

  • Loose lead walking 
  • Recall
  • Sit & Down
  • Play (retrieve & tug)  

as well as handling & grooming and general socialising with people & dogs.....where appropriate.


Not all puppies are confident enough to cope with regular socialisation. Our staff are trained to spot those puppies which have been born with a lack of confidence (which is genetic) and which may need a more careful & specific socialisation programme. 

Puppies are NOT allowed to run freely with each other, which we feel encourages out of control play...which we do not advise.

Focus will be on constructive & effective play with the owner instead!!

We also do confidence building play on equipment.

For more details contact Jacquie Hall on 07813 912889



Unfortunately we are closed during lockdown restrictions.
 Our safe exercise paddock is still open but under current Covid restrictions.