Northumberland Canine Centre
Northumberland Canine Centre 

BEGINNERS training classes are available on a Thursday morning at 10.30am -12 noon.

£10 per dog. 

Companion Dog Classes are also available for dogs which have done some Basic Training already.


Our popular 'one to one' sessions are also available from £30.

Owning a dog is a massive responsibility.

We think training your dog shouldn't be optional.

Every activity we do at the Centre requires basic control  training before dogs can proceed. 

We show owners how to get an immediate 'connection' with their dogs at any time, in order to give them some instruction/direction.

Without that connection....... training will be very difficult....if not impossible!


Unfortunately, we cannot give dogs training books to read, or DVD's to watch!  

Dogs learn in a very simple way which owners must learn to appreciate.

We teach dogs some 'significant words' that they can respond to....and constantly add more words to their repertoire!

Before we can start to get control through training, dogs must be in the correct frame of mind.

Emotional states such as excitement or anxiety are not conducive to learning or thinking!

We show owners how to change their dog's emotional states to help make training easier and to teach dogs to focus better.

How often do you see dogs pulling like this???

It is unhealthy for the dog and implies a serious lack of control by the handler.

We teach 'loose lead walking' and in fact, a longer lead often helps to reduce pulling!

We also teach all the other basic exercises such as recall, sit, down and of course we encourage handlers to learn how to PLAY with their dogs in a

constructive & fun way.

These are the foundation blocks of all training with your dog.



26th - 29th July 

This is the last UK course run by John before he retires from the world of

Dog Training.

To book a place or for more information please contact Adele on..... 07708244296

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RALLY 2019


29th-30th June

To book contact; Sharon 07864509276/