Northumberland Canine Centre
Northumberland Canine Centre 
Basic training classes can be a progression from Puppy Classes or an entry class.
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One to one basic obedience sessions are available.

Owning a dog is a massive responsibility.

We think training your dog shouldn't be optional.

Every activity we do at the Centre requires basic control  training before dogs can proceed. 

We show owners how to get an immediate 'connection' with their dogs at any time, in order to give them some instruction/direction.

Without that connection....... training will be very difficult....if not impossible!


We use positive, reward based training to teach dogs everything. However.....and here is where we differ from most current trainers.......we are not afraid to use corrections, where appropriate, to get rid of unwanted behaviour. We feel it is only fair to teach the dog there are consequences to unwanted behaviour.....this then gives the dog a real choice.


For example.....Turning your back on a dog when it jumps up does not work!!! We prefer to let the dog know it is really not acceptable with a well-timed, verbal reprimand appropriate to the dog's confidence level and rewarding the dog for making a better choice next time!! That works!!! 



Unfortunately, we cannot give dogs training books to read, or DVD's to watch!  

Dogs learn in a very simple way which owners must learn to appreciate.

We teach dogs some 'significant words' that they can respond to....and constantly add more words to their repertoire!

Before we can start to get control through training, dogs must be in the correct frame of mind.

Emotional states such as excitement or anxiety are not conducive to learning or thinking!

We show owners how to change their dog's emotional states to help make training easier and to teach dogs to focus better.

How often do you see dogs pulling like this???

It is unhealthy for the dog and implies a serious lack of control by the handler.

We teach 'loose lead walking' and in fact, a longer lead will help to reduce pulling instantly!

We also teach all the other basic exercises such as recall, sit, down and of course we encourage handlers to learn how to PLAY with their dogs in a constructive & fun way.

These are the foundation blocks of all training with your dog.


Please be aware that our premises are not heated in wrap up warmly!!

**HOOPERS**   Spaces are now available in our Monday Beginners class 1.30pm

and Intermediate class 4.15pm. Dogs must have basic training.

To book a place or for more information contact Kate on.... 07904857398