Northumberland Canine Centre
Northumberland Canine Centre 

AGILITY is the most popular activity at the Centre.

We offer Puppy Foundation sessions on a Saturday for dogs up to a year.

For dogs 12mths and over we have many classes from Beginners through to Competition level.  


 Dogs must already have some basic training (a good recall,down, stay) to attend these sessions.


All classes are currently full but please contact the relevant Instructor directly to speak about possible availability.

Classes are 6 weeks duration. Cost £70


Puppy Foundation Agility.  

These sessions are designed for younger  dogs who have yet to start on their Agility training but have some basic control.

Instructors Wendy Mole and Kate Draper

For enquiries, please tel. Wendy 07551 965353     Kate  07904 857398


Intermediate Classes  are on a Wednesday evening at 6pm and 7.30pm

Instructor Adele Whittemore; 07708244296


Intermediate Classes are on a Monday evening 4.45pm & 6pm. Wednesday at 10.45am, 12 noon and 1.15. 

Instructor; Alison Pollard; 07811 850145


Competition level classes are on a Tuesday at 2pm, 3.15pm, 4.30pm and 5.45pm

Instructor Anthony Rogerson; 07773 155764

Please contact Instructors directly  with any class enquiries.



Our AGILITY classes cater for anyone wishing to do Agility for fun or aiming for competition. 

We have a full sized indoor arena and also a large training field for outside work in the summer.

General Agility  enquiries to Kate Draper 07904 857398 or e'mail and we will forward your email.