Northumberland Canine Centre
Northumberland Canine Centre 

BEHAVIOUR issues such as aggression, separation anxiety, chewing and house training require more specialist help than just training. 

We have been dealing with these problems for over 25 years and

have had great success.

With all of our BEHAVIOUR consultations, training will always feature as part of the process as very often the relationship between dog and owner requires some change.

Dogs fighting always fulfills a reason for one (or both) of them. 

Usually it is a lack of confidence that initially pushes a dog into defensive behaviour....which is perfectly natural for a dog...... but socially unacceptable for us.

Breeding from dogs with low confidence, nervous and anxious will produce more puppies with the same temperaments.....potentially starting the cycle over again. 

If we see a puppy with this tendency, we can advise owners how to get more control, which is essential and also show them ways to increase the dog's confidence in an acceptable way through training & play.

Once a dog has established aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people, we can help with a high percentage of them. However, if a dog is repeatedly inflicting injury.....the prognosis is not good and management may be the only course of action.

Dogs which have not bitten badly are quite likely to be

successfully rehabilitated. 

With young male dogs, testosterone can play a massive part in developing aggression issues.

From around 6 mths to 12-14 mths, their testosterone will rise to 10x the normal level and they give off

a strong scent.

During this time, other male dogs, who may themselves have been picked on by entire males during that same time in their lives, may pick on your dog now due to the smell of testosterone.

Neutering before this happens will help avoid that possibility.  If your dog is at all nervous or anxious, this will be a particularly difficult time for him and they need protecting from undesrable attention from

other male dogs.

Behaviour Consultations start at £75. If another member of staff is required and the use of our dogs, the charge will be more.

Tel; Jacquie on 07813 912889  or e'mail





    3.30pm - 4.30pm

Parkour is Urban Agility for dogs!

This is for any age and ability, puppy to OAP!  

20 mins parkour is equivalent to running your dog for 1 hour. Builds core muscle strength. Great for building confidence, excellent bonding session with your dog, and just great fun, you’ll never “just take the dog for a walk” again. To book a place (they are limited) or for more information email




Mondays 5.30-6.30pm Please contact Kate on 07904857398 or email