Northumberland Canine Centre
Northumberland Canine Centre 


are held on;

Wednesday 1pm & 7.30pm and 

Thursday 2.30pm & 3.45pm.


6 week course.

We feel the exercises trained in these progression classes are useful, every day exercises which will make living with your dog a pleasure.

The certificate is awarded on an ongoing

assessment basis.

Below is our list of Companion Dog exercises & awards;

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DOG LAW has changed. In 2013 the Dangerous Dogs Act was extended to cover attacks by your dogs on your own property. A person can also report your dog if they think that it MAY bite....even though it doesn't.

Jumping up can also be construed as an agressive act so it is vital that you are able to control your dog around people and other dogs.

This injury was done to a child by a friendly dog jumping up and clawing the child.

Assessments have been done by us over the past few years on dogs which have inflicted injury by jumping up or causing accidents  running amok. Owners have been successfully prosecuted.





Our aim is that you can enjoy taking your dog out and about, knowing that you have good control and that your dog will both be safe and not cause a problem to yourself or to others.


For details contact Alison Pollard on 07811 850145 





    3.30pm - 4.30pm

Parkour is Urban Agility for dogs!

This is for any age and ability, puppy to OAP!  

20 mins parkour is equivalent to running your dog for 1 hour. Builds core muscle strength. Great for building confidence, excellent bonding session with your dog, and just great fun, you’ll never “just take the dog for a walk” again. To book a place (they are limited) or for more information email




Mondays 5.30-6.30pm Please contact Kate on 07904857398 or email